Take a break
in nature  
Shareview is the first social network dedicated to landscape videos.
Choose your favorite view, project it on your TV and stop scrolling!
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Innovative experience
A social network dedicated to landscape videos and nature for a soothing experience.
What a view!
Transfer the selected landscape on your mobile to your TV screen and enjoy a beautiful view at home.
Watching nature on a screen slows down the heart rate, improves the immune system and concentration. 
Stop scrolling 
Shareview is the first "truly social" social network: it allows you to leave your laptop and enjoy "real life".
Protect the environment
The more we see nature, the more we want to protect it. Shareview contributes to increasing environmental awareness.
Stay zen
No like, no public comment, no rush: on Shareview, we stay zen. Welcome to our "slowcial network"!
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