The project
The dream of departure

This is the story of a Breton woman who leaves the sea to study. She misses the horizon, so she covers her walls with maritime posters and watches the high tides on her smartphone.

As technology advances, she imagines a solution so that everyone can have a beautiful view at home: a social network for sharing landscape videos connected to a screen.

After a year of project study with the incubator Les Premières - BNP Paribas in Paris, and the Poool, of the French Tech network in Rennes, she created the company Shareview SAS in January 2020 and obtained the support of the BPI and AWS.

Antoine and Yann join the project and develop the application which is launched in July 2021. 

Our team

Pauline Marcel
Co-founder & CEO
Co-founder at the origin of the Shareview project, she manages everything that doesn't concern the development of the application: com, marketing, legal, admin, ... that's a lot of subjects!
Before she worked in communication. She also likes sailing and travelling to the end of the world!
Antoine Ordonez
Co-founder & CTO
Antoine joined the Shareview project while finishing his studies at Epitech, Paris. In charge of the back-end part, he coordinates the development of the application with Yann, his partner and school friend. He is passionate about computer science and is preparing the Paris Marathon.
Yann Sainson
Co-founder and front-end developer
Yann realized all the lines of code of the Shareview application. Graduated from Epitech Paris, he participates in beat-box contests and is passionate about neurosciences.
Our values

o Caring

All our decisions are made in the interest of our users. Our application is designed to best meet their expectations and will evolve to follow their recommendations. At Shareview, the satisfaction of our community is at the heart of our actions.

o Sincerity

Transparency about the use of personal data is also one of the pillars of our policy. Our terms of use and privacy policy have been developed to protect the interests of our users as much as possible.

o Responsible

At Shareview, we love nature, so we came up with a responsible model to limit our carbon footprint. We limit the number of videos per user (10 per person), and plan to donate 1% of our revenues to associations active in environmental protection. The goal is to reach carbon neutrality by 2025.

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